Tiffany Matson Photography and Retouch

Tiffany Matson, a photographer and a retoucher, is best known for clean fresh images and creative stylized concepts. She works directly with ad agencies, in-house marketing teams, and small businesses. She can conceptualize the shoot from start to finish, think outside the box, and shoot with the final product in mind. Each project is a new and intriguing challenge with many ways to approach and solve. Whether it calls for one photographer with many skills, or a crew of professionals, Tiffany has seen her way around the process... and loves every part of it. 



More than just a Photographer

Photographer, retoucher, stylist, location scout, digital imaging specialist, even animal wrangler. It takes more than just one skill set to make this all happen. Tiffany can handle your entire project from start to finish. Whether you need a complete library of images or help laying out a website, her wide variety of skills as well as her large association with local and national talent can get the job done.

Experience Matters

Whether it's flawless product photography, story-telling lifestyle photography, business head shots, or editorial images for national magazine articles, experience makes a difference and always matters. 

Since 2004, Tiffany has been professionally shooting for clients throughout the USA. She has the experience, skill, and talent to deliver quality photography that promotes your brand, tells your story, and makes your marketing stand out. 

A Kansas City based commercial photography company, that specializes in the Midwestern lifestyle, from luxurious city fashion to small town family doctors.